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AviBios avian-specific probiotics promote and maintain natural intestinal balance. Use daily for baby birds and after antibiotic treatment for adult birds. Recommended daily for Cockatiels. Contains 5 bacteria. 2 billion CFU/gm. What are probiotics? Probiotic supplementation involves supplying large quantities of beneficial bacteria that normally live in the small intestine of warm blooded animals.These beneficial bacteria "crowd-out" disease causing organisms by taking over nutrients and attachment sites. They also make the intestine less favorable for harmful bacteria and yeast by producing lactic and acetic acids. Beneficial bacteria also assist in nitrogen retention and weight gain in babies and in the production of vitamin B. We have used probiotic supplements for many years with excellent results particularly during breeding, molting, shipping, antibiotic therapy and other occasions of excessive stress. We also add these supplements to baby formulas to promote intestinal "balance" and encourage normal crop clearance. Our exclusive AviBios formulation provides three species of Lactobacillus and two other beneficial lactic acid bacteria at a concentration of 2 billion CFU (Colony Forming Units) per gram.

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