Aspen Pet Comfy Perch Cross Small

SKU: BO-350042


Shapes into a "one-of-a-kind" perch for your bird. Holds its shape without dangerous wires or stiffeners. Easy to use connectors fit onto any size of cage Small - Parakeets and similiar sized birds Ropes are available in various sizes: Small 25" long; 5/8 inch diameter Available in small, medium or large. Your bird will love the new shapes, bright colors and feel of this perch. levels . Boody Perches contain no wire and are designed to be truly comfortable beneath your bird's feet. These are bird breeder recommended - fabric perch, hellps relieve cage stree & boredom, great sleeping perch, washable. WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Insert in pillow case and toss in dishwasher or washing machine to clean. DO NOT PLACE IN DRYER - Air dry over night.

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