Kings Cage SLCC 3216 Economy Line

SKU: SLCC 3216


PRICE DOESN'T INCLUDES SHIPPING & HANDLING.. EXTRA S & H CHARGES WILL BE APPLIED!! PLEASE CALL !! Corner Cage KING'S CAGES ALWAYS PAY MORE FOR THEIR POWDER COATED FINISHES, WHICH ARE THICKER & HARDER. TO ENSURE THAT YOUR FINISH WILL LAST TWICE AS LONG AS ANY OF OUR COMPETITORS THAT USE INFERIOR CHEAP PAINT FINISHES!! Measurements: 32" Long from back corner to next corner 16" Wide on next two sides out from corner 22" Long on front side (where door opens) (5 Sides all together) 37" Inside Height - From Bottom Grill to Top of Cage 66" Total Height 5/8" Bar Spacing 4mm Bars Features: Half Circle Front Door Lock (ID: Lock 5 Half Circle) One Wood Perch Two Swing-Out Feeder Doors (20 oz Cups No Nipple) Two-Piece Slide Out Grill and Tray For Easy Cleaning 5 Rolling Casters

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