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2nd Edition Mattie Sue Athan - All books by this author Owners of companion parrots value these appealing birds in much the same way that a dog lover values his pet pooch. But companion parrots have a unique quality unmatched by any dog: They can talk to their human companions! This revised and updated book advises on all important topics related to keeping a companion parrot, including— •Choosing between a young parrot an and older bird •Selecting and training a talking parrot •Modifying the bird’s behavior and reinforcing social behavior habits •Protecting the parrot from household hazards •Coping with occasional problems, such as screaming or feather chewing Author Mattie Sue Athan concludes by recounting several amusing anecdotes about companion parrots and their various owners. Includes color photos and line art. From the Reviews: Praise for the previous edition “Rated #22 on the Top 25 Avian Books list for Pet Bird Owners.” —Bird Talk Magazine, February 2007 About The Author: Mattie Sue Athan is a widely respected expert on parrots and their care. She contributes regularly to bird-care periodicals and is also the author of Parrots: A Complete Pet Owner’s Manualand co-author of The African Grey Parrot Handbook, both published by Barron’s. (0764142135) Paperback / 248 Pages / 6 1/2 x 7 7/8 / 2010

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