Zupreem Veggie Blend

SKU: ZP-641


* Daily parrot diet with irresistible aroma & flavor of real vegetables * Premium diet entices caged birds with 6 different vegetables plus natural carrot flavor! * Aromatic pellets deliver complete daily bird nutrition Expand daily nutrition for caged birds with flavorful, veggie-inspired pellets. VeggieBlend with Natural Carrot Flavor Premium Daily Parrot Food is a harvest of delicious vegetables plus added vitamins and minerals for daily parrot nutrition full of irresistible aroma and flavor. Every morsel is packed with six different dried vegetables to entice caged birds with every bite! VeggieBlend with Natural Carrot Flavor contains a precise blend of vitamins and minerals. Various easy-to-grasp shapes keep superior bird nutrition fun. Offer medium to large-sized birds the delightful flavors of carrots, peas, celery, beets, parsley, and green beans for smart variety to caged bird nutrition. Made in the USA.

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