Roudybush Bombay Banquet Treat

SKU: 35886


Smart bird diet you simply soak and then feed. Preparing wholesome gourmet meals for your avian companion is easier than ever with Roudybush Gourmet Soak & Feed. This nutritious blend of grains is the scientifically-formulated "cooked" bird food you don't have to cook. Simply add water or your bird's favorite juice, let soak for five minutes and you have just prepared a fresh, meal for your bird. Delicious natural flavours with no added sugars or colors. Reduces waste due to spoilage since you only prepare the amount of food you need per feeding. Use for pet birds year round or for off-season breeding birds. For all bird sizes-finch to macaw. Gourmet Soak & Feed for seed and grain-eating birds is available in six delectable choices. Directions: Shake bag before each use. Mix one part dry Soak & Feed with one part water or your bird's favorite juice and allow to soak for five minutes. Mix Soak & Feed fresh for each feeding and discard any uneaten feed after two hours. Feed as sole diet or treat. If fed as sole diet, do not give vitamin or mineral supplements. Always offer your bird clean water. Store in cool, dry place.

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