Fashion Bird Hoodies

SKU: Fight Quarters


Made of top-quality and comfortable knit, Avian Fashions' Hoodies are designed to keep your bird safe and warm. Each regular style Hoodie comes with lanyard ties and colorful beads which will entertain and fascinate your bird. The functional pass-through pocket on the front is perfect for hiding special treats! Our NEW Jr. Style Hoodie (shown top center) is designed for smaller birds (due to the weight and size, the Jr. Style Hoodie does not have the beaded lanyards or pass through pocket). Our regular Hoodies will accommodate birds from size Wide through Colossal (size is based on FlightSuit size) and it must fit over your bird's head in order to wear. The new Jr. Style Hoodie fits birds that normally wear our smaller FlightSuits. The Medium and Large Hoodies slip easily over your bird's head and the Jr. Small and Small Hoodies feature a snap closure. Please check back often; we continue to update our Hoodie collection with seasonal and holiday styles.

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