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Matthew Vriends - All books by this author Barron's Pet Handbooks - All books in this series This most popular songbird among pet owners comes in a wide range of colors and varieties. Here is detailed information on canary housing, feeding, and general care. Books in this series are designed and illustrated much like Barron's Pet Owner's Manuals, but have more pages, even more photos, and more fully detailed pet care advice and instruction. Pet owners and people who plan to acquire a pet will find information on health care, feeding, and housing—and where applicable, on grooming and training. All photos are top quality and in full color. Many of the titles in this series also feature instructive line illustrations. Table of Contents: •CONSIDERATIONS BEFORE YOU BUY Acquiring Canaries When to Buy Canaries How to Manage Canaries •ACCOMMODATIONS FOR CANARIES The Cage Bathing Facilities Summer Care What Your Canaries Need from You General Maintenance •FEEDING CANARIES Basic Feeding Requirements Pellets/Extruded Diets •CANARY BREEDING The Breeding Season Incubation, Hatching, and Rearing Problem Hens Leg Banding Selection Blood or Red Mites •UNDERSTANDING THE CANARY •DISEASE PREVENTION AND CURE Signs of Illness Treatment Humane Euthanasia The Canary Keeper’s Medicine Chest •TYPE CANARIES Special Housing Breeding, Care, and Feeding Competitions and Training Judging Show Birds •THE MIRACLE OF GENETICS Cells, Chromosomes, and Genes Possible Crosses with Wild Songbirds SONG CANARIES Training Young Song Canaries •USEFUL LITERATURE AND ADDRESSES •INDEX (0764117602) Paperback / 176 Pages / 6 1/2 x 7 7/8 / 2001

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